At Revalia Bio, we live by our values in everything we do.

    Cultivate Deep Trust
  • We take personal responsibility for building and maintaining a deep well of trust both within our team and with all stakeholders, especially our donor families and practicing physicians.

  • Adapt Relentlessly
  • Anxiety, friction, and failure come with the territory of breaking new ground.  We embrace that discomfort by adopting a philosophy of continuous growth as an antidote.  And we hold ourselves accountable to ensure a steady, reliable, and digestible pace of evolution.

  • Persevere with Uncommon Grit
  • We aspire to make the impossible possible. To do so, we must persevere in the face of what can feel like insurmountable challenges. We maintain our unbreakable spirit by staying deeply connected to the stories of our donors and their families. And we are relentless in our pursuit of creating revolutionary innovations to honor the incredible gifts these donors entrust to us. 

  • Be World-Class Collaborators
  • We seek to create the type of revolutionary change that is only possible when we work with a highly diverse team of world-class collaborators. We start every collaboration by asking ‘how can we sustainably help,’ not ‘what’s in it for us’. And we are committed to building the kind of vibrant collaborative ecosystems necessary to transform the future of biomedical innovation.

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